Women's Work

"Women's work has always been more than the jobs we do. We use our strong hands and hearts to build ships, soothe the sick, care for children in and out of our homes, to act as labor leaders, teachers and builders of peace.

Our work encompasses relationships with partners, children, grandparents and community. No less important is the work we do as spiritual seekers, keeping the vision alive.

May these songs bear witness to the emerging and continuing story of who we, as women, are and always have been. And may the songs encourage others -- men and women -- to write their own stories, to give voice to that spirit within."

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1. After School - a tender story of a "latchkey" child, set to a lilting melody

2. Libba's Gone - a truly beautiful tribute to Elizabeth Cotton

3. The Journey - Someone once said, "this is the decade of refugees." This song is for the courageous ones who cross our borders fleeing injustice
and for the Sanctuary workers who help them.

4. Spirit Song - A powerful invocation that calls to the Elements and honors the
Womanspirit in us all - earthy and beautiful

5. Peace Is A Feeling - a peace song for children that carries a simple, powerful message;
easy and fun to sing

6. Rosie, The Riveter - Revisited - a World War II "Rosie" reflects on her life, sung in a powerful acapella style that captures the edges of "Rosie's" experience

7. Ballad of Laura Law - a true story of a union leader in the '30's
who died under mysterious circumstances

8. Night Charge Nurse - "the voice in the darkness, the touch that is healing, the heart that is fearless, the strong arm to lean on" ...a tribute to those guardian angels of the night

9.Erath County - a gentle song about going home again, reminiscent and appreciative of the roots from which we grew

10. I've Got Better Things To Do - a delightfully humorous glimpse into the mutterings and thoughts of anyone who's ever had to pick up someone else's mess!

11.Courage Is The Letting Go (of things that are familiar) - every change requires leaving one situation in order to arrive at another.
12. Transitions can be difficult and it takes courage to let go...