Washington Notebook

"These songs are a gift of the people of Washington who shared their stories with me during Washington's Centennial year celebration, 1989. During that year I traveled the state under the sponsorship of the Washington Centennial Commission as the state's Resident Songwriter. I gathered songs and stories (published in Washington Songs And Lore).

My family and I visited loggers, a cowboy poet-rancher, members of the Lummi tribe, Hutterites, Wobblies and farmworker families. By the end of the Centennial year, I had written nineteen new songs. Chris Lunn, that magician and guru of northwest musicians, suggested that Victory Music and I collaborate on a recording of these songs.

I had the great good fortune to find Cary Black and David Lange to be my coworkers on the project and here we are. I can only say that I never knew how good some of these songs could be until I heard them performed by Victory musicians. The artists have truly claimed them as their own, and the collaboration has produced a collection of distinctly Northwest songs from the heart of Washington. May they keep alive the stories of our people."

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1. Weaving and Quilting - beautiful song about the passing down of traditional handcrafts from our grandmothers: Native American basketmaking and European settlers' quilting
2. Executive Order 9066 - remembering the internment of the Japanese families of Bainbridge Island, and the efforts of their neighbors on their behalf
3. The Hutterite Way - a gift to the lovely people of the Hutterite community near Rearden
4. The Great Turning - the story of Columbia River prophet/priest Smohala and the outcome of his prophesies
5. Eureka Camp - about the Gold Rush mining camps near Republic
6. The Dandelion Song - how the dandelion is believed to have been introduced to Washington by Cathy Maynard, and some of the benefits of this ubiquitous "weed". Cowritten with daughters Jennifer and Kristin when they were 12 and 9.
7. Olympia - a tribute to Linda's "other" hometown
8. Termination Winds - about the displacements and sufferings of the residents near the Hanford reactor and nuclear testing
9. Upside Down - based on a Wenatchee Museum exhibit and newspaper editor Will Wood's recollections of barnstormer Clyde Pangborn, and his daredevil performances and near escapes with death.
10. Canaries In The Mine - chemical poisoning in the workplace is shaping up to be one of the primary issues for unions in the 90's. Inspired by interviews with Boeing workers.
11. Emma and May - the hilarious story of how two very different suffragists helped bring about the vote for women in 1910 in Washington, ten years before national suffrage.
12. On Bellingham Bay - the many faces of my home town.
13. Winter of '89 - stories from my home county about the year all the pipes broke
14. Mary Don't You Weep - Seattle's new convention center reportedly replaced 750 housing units. Seattle's streets may be "home" to 4,000 people, 22% of which may hold full or part-time jobs.
15. Si Se Puede - about the lives and struggles of the farmworkers of the Yakima area.
16. Holden - written during a visit to Holden Village, a Lutheran retreat center in the mountains above Lake Chelan, truly a magical, mystical holy place.
17. Columbia - life on the barges working up and down the Columbia River.
18. The North Coast - an ode to the beautiful Washington coastline, written during my honeymoon there.
19. Centralia, 1989 - remembering the Centralia Massacre of 1919 and Wesley Everest, a Wobbly who died for his beliefs.