Mama Wanted to be A Rainbow Dancer

Linda's first recording, exploring women's history, struggles and celebrations. Contains "Circle Me Sisters", "Here's To The Women!", and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (if the next Jesus Christ came down as a woman?).

Guest appearances by Linda Waterfall, Julian Smedley, and many others.

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1. Here's To The Women! - a salute to women's efforts and celebration of women's history - unifying and strong

2. Mama Wanted To Be a Rainbow Dancer - a beautiful song that honors our mothers' dreams

3. The Way of Men- insightful, thought-provoking look into battering from the battered woman's position

4. The Ballad of Lizzie Williams - a true story of the life of an imprisoned black woman

5. I Like Small Men- a catchy and rhythmic salute to small men

6. Circle Me Sisters - an unforgettable anthem for healing and sisterhood

7. On Hunger- a frank look at the complexities and ironic politics behind the tragedy of hunger in a bountiful world

8. Wouldn't It Be Nice - if the next Jesus Christ came down as a woman?
An amusing look at sexism

9. Jennifer's Lullaby - relaxing comfort for moms and kids at the end of an energetic day

10. Ballad of A Welfare Mother - a poem by Pesha Gertler sung acapella, a compelling and insightful look into the misunderstood realities of the welfare mom.